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Yesterday morning while I was in the shower I had gotten a message from my friend JM that NMS was having a very bad day so she was not going to pick me up to go see her and then we planned on going to see NMS after potluck and prayer time after church or after potluck.  So, I stayed home after food prep and organization when DB from IDS left for the weekend to return on Monday morning for grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry.  From what I understood the weather was cold and I thought it was for the best for both of us (NMS and me).  I do not do too well in real cold/hot weather now-a-days after 29 years since my kidney transplant.  I am very sensitive to heat and cold, and having cerebral palsy can make things a little tougher at times and those times are when I really need the strength and the stamina the most.  I just hope NMS is having a better day tomorrow.

Since it is Friday and my shower is at 8:30 AM this morning.  DK is coming back to work today after her procedure (yesterday).  I have no plans today except to get ready for Sabbath and church in the morning.  I go to church on Saturdays because I am an Adventist now and have been since 1999.  I go to church on the seventh-day of the week more so than I do on Sundays, and I have not gone to church on Sunday for a few months now because of my understanding of the Bible and I have not been influenced by anyone in the Seventh-day Adventist church that Saturday is the true Sabbath.  I learned it throughout the years on my own by reading the Bible, going to seminars, and church every week.  Now, I am not saying that going to church on Sunday is wrong for me or for anyone who believes in God or want to learn about Him through Scripture, study, and going to church because getting to know God is personal for everyone who knows Him.  God loves us all, even sinners, and He wants us all to come to him with everything in life, and be saved from permanent destruction which is death.  I will write more later about God but right now I have to watch the time for DK my shower gal to get here and get ready for my day.  I am very happy that I have had some time to write without feeling rushed this morning.  It does pay to be up early enough to get to my journaling/diary before my day actually begins.  I hope everyone has a good morning, afternoon, and evening – wherever my DD readers are in the world/country today and always. So far a good morning.

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