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Good morning and happy Sabbath!  Another day has come into play and today I am going to church in Beloit (my home church).  Even though I had one entry written yesterday I have to admit that my day has gotten away from me once again, and I feel I did not get everything done I wanted to do.  I just wanted to laze around most of the day after my shower and when MM came at 12:30 PM and again at 4:30 PM to sign papers for IRIS for the week.  I did not get to look at my finances to see if anything else has cleared until this morning and I do not like doing finances on during Sabbath hours unless I am writing a check or getting money ready for tithing.  When I did peek, I saw that my check for tithe did clear so I checked my running balance and saw that I am still equal to the bank.  I will be leaving for church in less than a half an hour from now but I do have a few minutes to write some of my thoughts before my day gets busy for a few hours. Church begins at 9:30 AM with a song service, reading and mission story, Sabbath School, and then worship service, and then potluck and lastly prayer meeting.  I know JM and I are staying for potluck but I am not sure if we are staying for prayer meeting and then going to see NMS in the hospital for a few minutes so that is yet to be determined later.  I am a little nervous about seeing NMS because she is sick and going to leave us soon and I have known her for 19 years now.  Even though I am nervous, I HAVE to do this or I am not going to get past any fears I have about her time being short or the fact that our relationship has been a rocky one at best at times.  I will be okay, though.  I will get through this just fine knowing that I am not the only one with feelings of her leaving us soon.  If I DO NOT see her I may not have the chance again next weekend.

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