An Issue Still Happening…When Will It End?

The month of March is marching right out of here for another year already.  Where did this month go?  My goodness gracious it has gone by so fast.  Now April will be hopping right into the 2017 year in so many hours from now.  Wow!  It is amazing how time flies when, as human being, grows older day by day, year by year, and how a person grows older in time.  How cool is that even though growing older, feebler, and not having the sharpest mind and spirit you may have once had when you were younger?  It is something to really think about since we are living in the real world and not the world of make believe here like on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood or Sesame Street, or Captain Kangaroo and his friends. I am living in the world right now as we speak dealing with stuff from the neighbor above me and her lovely and ugly boyfriend.  With all that has been happening here has gotten to the point where I need to escape from the real world to a place of make believe for just a little while.  I even wish for a good night’s rest instead of being awakened to ongoing noise from my upstairs neighbor and her boyfriend because they both think that the rules of living here do not pertain to them and they have made up their own rules distracting not just me and other neighbors but causing this building to feel like it is going to cave in around me and the first-floor tenants will end up being buried under the rubble of a collapsed building.  The walls are so thin here with very little insulation between the walls.  The neighbor and her boyfriend need to start behaving or my neighbor is going to be dealing with consequences because she has gone too far.  She is not my favorite person right now and no longer a friend.  I do not even trust her and I have not trusted her boyfriend from the very beginning when I first met him last September when problems began with my neighbor and her boyfriend.  I am not going to sit here and apologize for something I needed to do to have peace of mind and body, and good health.  My world does not need to be caved in because a neighbor does not abide by the rules and regulations of living here at Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex. As tenants, becoming friends or not, we need to live here among others peacefully and treat each other as adults.  If someone does not want to be adult-like around here consequences will be unfair to them one way or another.  Do I believe in karma?  Yes. I do.  What goes around comes around full circle sooner or later in everyone’s life and that does include me as well unfortunately.  As a human being with feelings and anxiety/panic disorder with depression on top of it I can handle only so much before I crack and feel the pressure of life around me.  I know that not everyone can understand this but it is true to the greater extent of life from beginning to end.

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