Mr. D’s Funeral

Mr. D’s Funeral

For a Saturday, I did not go to church today.  I went to a funeral.  A teacher I had in middle school in Milton, Wisconsin, passed away on April 18 from an illness called C-diff.  This illness I did not know about until I had learned that Mr. D had it.  More on C-diff another time.  The service was at 11:30 AM and a visitation was scheduled for Friday afternoon and early evening and Saturday morning.  I decided to go to the visitation and funeral Saturday morning.  My IRIS worker DKF took me to the funeral while another teacher from my middle school days Mrs. M brought me home after the luncheon.  Although seeing Mrs. D was nice, but the timing was a little awkward.  A hug and her appreciation of making it was exchanged while I hugged her unable to say a word at first.  The idea that Mr. D no longer being here has yet to be realized…although I have been crying off and on since Mr. D passed away April 18.

I have learned that weddings are beautiful, and funerals are sad…or so I thought.  Yes, weddings are beautiful, and not always are funerals sad.  I am not denying the fact of losing someone in your family or who you care about dearly isn’t sad because it definitely is.  Mr. D’s funeral was beautiful in a way we celebrate his life of 70 years more so than mourning his death today.  I also understand that seeing other people I’ve known since grade 6 is always nice to see, but at a funeral there are mixed feelings of happy and sad, and it that depends on the person who you run into at the time.  Now, as I see it, two of my favorite teachers from middle school days in Milton, Wisconsin have passed away with my heart feeling the tug of their teaching.  How many more teachers am I going to lose before me?

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