The Rest of My Day

As the day continues, I have watched 7 full episodes of Riverdale on Netflix today.  DKF came at 1 PM to work for me through IRIS to my personal cares and left a little after 4 PM.  Then my IRIS worker AR came by to drop off my debit card she forgot to give it back to me Sunday when she went to Culver’s to get dinner for me.  I have decided to stop watching Riverdale and come to my bedroom for the rest of the night to be on the computer for a while before retiring for the night.  Sometimes I want to take the time from the noise of TV or Pandora to chill out in my bedroom.  I find myself in the mood to play games for a while before going to sleep.  I now that it is not wise to be on the computer while in bed, but I do have to admit that sometimes I find myself able to relax before sleeping to play a game, read, and do some writing in my diary like I am doing right now this very minute.  I do enjoy doing some things before retiring to bed.  I know 5 PM is early to go to bed, but it is not going to bed I am doing.  I am relaxing.  It is time for me to head out now and head to bed.  It is after 8 PM and I always get up at 6 AM or shortly after.  Good night from this end of the internet.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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