My Tuesday

I got out of the house/apartment for a while this morning.  DKF and I went to Dollar Tree, The Hostess Store, and looked for Grand Nails & Spa because I have had a couple of experiences at US Nails were not the greatest.  I am going to call Grand Nails & Spa tomorrow to make arrangements to get my broken nail taken care of before I drive myself nuts about having long nails and one broken.  Not being a girly girl, I have been fussing about my hair and nails lately.

After my IRIS time with DKF was over, I have decided to watch a little bit of TV and come to relax in the bedroom for the rest of the night.  Now that summer has arrived in good the state of’ Wisconsin, not a lot of TV shows I find interesting after 5 PM anymore.  Taking time to relax by reading, journaling, or just playing games is my form of relaxation before retiring to bed for the night.  Also, with the heat not being too bad yet, I have my living room and bedroom windows open and when other tenants sit out back to chat, have a smoke or two, I can hear their conversations.  Now, please do not think that I sit in my bedroom to listen to conversations between tenants because I do not do that.  I stick to myself for the most part anyway.  What tenants talk about and gossip about in their cliques is annoying, frustrating, and downright unbelievable, but then again I live in an apartment complex that is a community in itself like Payton Place or Melrose Place.  There is always someone in your business whether or not you welcome it.  This is where I wish I had my own home…not an apartment.

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