Life Goes On

Satan is trying to play head games with me and he has been doing this ever since I learned that Dad and his wife SK went to PA to see my brother GLK.  It is just an ongoing battle because Satan knows my weaknesses, and makes me think certain thoughts, and then I wonder if my brother and sister-in-law hate me after all these years.  I do not hate them myself.  t know what happened and I do not need to know.  When I see them again, they can tell me anything and everything they want to.  Satan has not been of any help with my worries about family togetherness whatsoever.  I still want GLK, TAK, and their kids – now all grown up – in my life.  It says in the Bible that a brother and sister cannot hate one another or there is no place in heaven for us.  That is why I have prayed for my family and allowed God to take care of everyone, and one day something will happen for the better, and now I can that healing can begin for everyone.

Still remembering the day my dad told me about his visit to PA and I cried until I had fallen asleep after getting off the phone with him, I do have to admit that the heaviest burden on my shoulders has been lifted.  My shoulders feel lighter and the aches of my muscles have relaxed.  Now I have to allow God to do his job and allow Him to help heal this family to become whole again.  I do know that it is for the best and my heart is filled with joy and happiness.  I may have my issues, trials, and misunderstandings and so does everyone else in this world.  I am not alone and never am I really alone.  God has a plan for everyone and I am willing to follow God every step of the way.  The past 2 ½ years has given me a lot to think and what feelings or thoughts I’ve had was Satan playing head games.  I know what I did and didn’t do then and I still feel that way today.

I sure do miss my grandma MIF, and I know she is resting until the Lord comes to take her home to heaven.  I explain my beliefs about heaven and earth in another entry soon.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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