Not Just an Entry – Thoughts Needed to Be Let Out

Not Just an Entry – Thoughts Needed to Be Let Out


I am not watching the news tonight from 5 PM to 6 PM because I want to have any anxiety before Thursday morning appointment in the morning with Dr. A. With my BP being recorded high yesterday, I am hoping and praying that I do not have high blood pressure now after being discharged from the hospital nor do I want my kidney creatinine to be high again.  Spending nine days in the hospital had provoked fear and anxiety in me.  I do not want to be in the hospital again.  It pays to have great doctors, Dr. A, Dr. H, Dr. D, Dr. S, and Dr. L looking out for me and have been interested in my health needs for a long time.  I just want quietness right now with Unsolved Mysteries on The Roku Channel running in the background while I write my thoughts before it gets so late that I need to close up shop for the night and get some decent sleep and rest.


For the past couple of days I have been taking time to read outside my scheduled cares and appointments I had.  The only appointment I worried about yesterday was the physical therapist to come and go so I could get back to reading the book I have been reading since the weekend began and ended.  With that said, I have taken the time all day yesterday and all morning and most of the afternoon reading, reaching at a point where I believe I will have the book read by Saturday – maybe sooner.  I have been having difficulty putting the book down.  It is titled “Amazing Journey Amazing Grace written by a couple named Ken and Nancy Eirich17.  My friend JM had given me while I was in the hospital, but I did not begin reading until this past weekend when the Beloit SDA Church cancelled services because of bad weather conditions.  I decided to just relax and be comfortable all day and wait patiently for MC to come at 5 PM.

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