Kidney Health Has Changed

Kidney Health Has Changed

Since January 15, 2019, I have been concerned and worried about my kidney’s health.  Today I had my appointment with Dr. A at nephrology and my count – creatinine – was once again at 4.9 although my other counts were fine and did not drastically change.  My blood pressure was higher than usual at his office .  He does not seem concerned at this time not going to start dialysis. He tweaked my meds again, which is fine, put me on a good BP medication to help me with my blood pressure, asked me to get labs drawn next week, and he(we) will go from there.  In the meantime, I have to learn to trust Dr. A more as I continue going onward as my kidney disease progresses.  I have to take it one step at a time, listen and do what I am asked, and pray to God, and to praise God for what my transplanted kidney has come.  I’ve had the kidney longer than most patients of kidney transplantation.  Why can I not accept the years of my transplanted kidney’s health and move on ahead?  God has EVERYTHING planned for me.  I NEED to ALLOW HIM/GOD to take charge.  I need to get my heart back on track here.  I CANNOT control some aspects of my life and what I can change WILL change. I have some very serious thinking to do right now.  As far as my kidney is concerned, the health of it has changed, but it is NOT over nor will it be over.Ki

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