My Weekend and Still Thinking

My Weekend

I went to church Saturday morning.  The weather was a little better, but since the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago still proves to be a challenge for some of us getting out to enjoy the day with others.  I am grateful for my friend JM who always takes the time to take me to church and gets me to where it is the safest before and after church services.  God has one person in my life who is loves Him dearly.

I had my IRIS worker MC here Saturday and yesterday, and I do have to admit that I had one of those days all day long yesterday about having anyone here at all.  I was a little moody and again worriedabout my BP still be elevated, so I called Dr. A’s office to talk to the nurse, but I did forget that Dr. A is not in clinic on Mondays.  I was glad that a “nurse on call” for his office was available and I spoke to her.  I gave her my BP readings and we talked for a while to calm me down, and then she hung up with me with the BP results on record.

DKF and her husband SF are celebrating their first wedding anniversary this weekend and today is their anniversary.  A year ago they were married, and I was there watching the wedding with my own two eyes.  I had a fun day and evening last year at their wedding.  I was surprised to get a text from DKF at all today because she is celebrating with her husband, but when DKF needs to get a hold of anyone, she will do that to connect with her clients.

Still Thinking

The book I finished on Monday has me thinking about my Christian life and how I am living my life as an individual, and what needs to be changed, what has changed, and what is very important to me with God’s involvement and what is His will versus my will.  Ken and Nancy Eirich have me thinking about very important things.  Today I am more careful at what I read as far a book or online, watch on television/HULU/Netflix and TV.  I am going to be writing a book here, and that book will be started and finished.  In other words – no dallying or sluffing about.  I have plenty of time.  In the meantime, I will be writing in my diary at DDas the days come and go.  I may not always write in my diary every day, but you will see entries when I do write.  I also plan on sharing my insights about “Amazing Journey Amazing Grace as my thinking process continues.  God bless and have a great rest of your afternoon and evening.

Good night and everyone sleep well or have a very good day if you are across the globe reading my diary entry today.My

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