Good Morning

Good morning dear friends and readers of Dear Diary.  I cannot believe that May is on its way out and June starts tomorrow.  Summer is on its way although I think that the weather has other plans for Wisconsin right now.  It has been rainy and wet lately and yesterday was a beautiful day with 81 degrees in the afternoon.  Today is not just a day for me.  I have plans for lunch today with DKF.   I am looking forward to it because another client has changed her plans and I get a little time out once again today for a little while. Today is a dialysis-free day. I will go back tomorrow morning for 3 ½ hours.   The weather looks a little threatening of rain.  Maybe it is my imagination to some degree, but the weathermen on channel 27 news states that storms are heading our way this weekend.  May God protect our apartment building and the neighborhood if severe storms do come our way.  Before DKF comes back, I want to get some journaling done as well as other writing. I hope everyone has the best day possible.

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