Afternoon & LUNCH

With personal cares out of the way, dressed for the day, DFK has been gone since 815 AM, I am definitely looking forward to getting lunch at a place called Kealy’s Café – a small restaurant in the Mercy Mall plaza by the pharmacy where I get my medications once a month.  I am dressed for the weather today in a nice sundress I have had for a few years now. With dialysis every three days, I am losing fluid weight off and on.  Today is not going to be a boring day, but I do have to admit that waiting is hard to do sometimes.  Bing is napping in his favorite bed in the living room.  He had awakened meowing as if from a dream or he just wanted to hear my voice.  He had quieted down within seconds and went back to sleep.  I am glad he is okay now.  Bing is one of my pride and joys in life.  Ever since I have been home from the hospital, he has been a wonderful nurse in the feline variety.  He has been such a good cat.

Waiting was somewhat difficult, but at 11:30 AM I was picked up.  We (DKF and I) went to Kealy’s Café for lunch.  She had baked cod with salad and cottage cheese while I had a cod sandwich with mashed potatoes, and some cottage cheese.  It was filling.  After lunch she dropped me off at home and ran an errand before her next client.  I was so glad to get out at lunch for a while and away from the building.  Living at Burbank Plaza is nice, but I would rather keep to myself.

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