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May has bowed out and has allowed June to make its monthly appearance.  Are we now going to see summer weather? Wisconsin is not so sure at the moment as it has been seeing a lot of rain and wet ground lately.  I am hoping to see some more sun myself.  It is easy feeling blah on the days the sun does not shine as brightly as I would love to see it shine.  So much has happened and yet I have a very light approach to it with a smile on my face since the beginning of the year.  Now we are in June and we are halfway into the year.  Although I do not have any children, school here in Janesville, Wisconsin will be out soon.  Some inclement weather days were applied to the end of the year since not all the days have been used.  For a city, the Janesville area does not usually allow many inclement days, but this past winter we have had some below zero temperatures and no one was going to allow any child or teenager stand out in the cold this winter.  I was glad for that.  I take what I can get now despite how the weather acts.  It just has not felt like spring lately.

Today I have dialysis for 3 ½ hours from when I get there at 9:15 AM or sooner, then my weekend can begin once I have entered my apartment building or have exited the dialysis center.  With dialysis as my new norm for a while, I look forward to my weekends by the time Saturday afternoon when I am unhooked from the machine.  I do not mind dialysis anymore.  I do not think I had a problem starting dialysis.  I just was not sure how it was going to begin on May 7 at the outpatient dialysis center.  Once I got into a routine, I think and believe that I got used to it.  The people are the same for the most part. You get to know faces and names – eventually.  I do what I need to do to have an effective morning at dialysis.

I have had my bath, dressed, and now I am ready to go to dialysis.  My worker AR is here.


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