A Little Catching Up

Half of the 2019 year is now gone.  Where did the time go?  It is true that once we get older days will go by faster.  It is no fable. It is the truth!  Now we are in the second half of the year 2019 year, and I believe it is going to go fast as well.  I do know that I have been busy doing dialysis since April 24, 2019, but I did not expect April through July to go as quickly as it did.  It pays to have a busy life.

As the day draws to a close I have to admit that the past few days have been fair and pretty good.  DKF came back to work on Monday after having a short stint in the hospital at our local Mercy Hospital and then going on vacation to Michigan.  She has been having some troubles with UTI’s and got E. coli in her urine and some in her blood along with another infection in her blood. Although she is back to work, her health is still fighting infections, and some of her blood counts are up due to some other health issues.  Prayers are needed for DKF.  I feel for her on everything she is dealing with.  With DKF back, I am back on my regular schedule during the week.  AR is back on the weekends only now.  With DKF being back, I have also dealt with some issues during the past couple of days myself.  In fact, I felt like I had another UTI so I had it checked out over the weekend and found out on Monday that I do not have an UTI.  I was very happy about it.  On Tuesday, I saw my nephrologist at the dialysis clinic.  My health is up to par as far as my blood work is concerned and doing dialysis three times a week.  Also, I had the option to stay or leave an hour early on Tuesday because the machine decided to beep a lot because my blood, when not having heparin in it for two and a half days, clotted the machine.  Before being hooked up, I had to wait forty-five minutes for Cath Flow to do its job because my catheter was not pulling any blood out because that was also a little clotted.  My nephrologist told the nurses and techs that it was okay to put Cath Flow and heparin into my lines.  On Tuesday the machine could only take 1.5 pounds of fluid out of because of the machine.  Yesterday, the machine took 3.2 pounds of fluid out of me and I ended up cramping and aching for the rest of the afternoon after dialysis.  Dealing with that was no fun, but today is a better day.  Tomorrow is dialysis day once again.  Prayers are needed for me as well.  Thank you.

Now that the weekend I s here, Sabbath will begin in about an hour from now at sunset. I am looking forward to. Sabbath. At one time, for a few weeks, I had troubles dealing with the Sabbath because I have dialysis on Saturday mornings for 3.5 hours and that takes my time with my church family away until further notice and God’s will.  I got frustrated and upset about not going to church on Sabbath until I realized that I can still find time with/for God every day and that includes during dialysis on Saturdays.  The only thing I do not like about spending time with/for God during dialysis is because of the machines beeping.  A distraction I am not too happy about.  Spending my time with God at home is a better option in most cases twice a week.  I do have to admit that I took a small break between July 12 – July 31, 2019 because my strength has been a little low.  I was a one hand typist for a little while and it was hard to be on my computer for any length of time past five minutes.  I am back now typing away with all of my fingers on my left and pointer finger on my right which qualifies me a six-fingered typist, LOL, but the truth.

Since the weekend has arrived, I am glad.  After dialysis tomorrow morning, I can take a break from dialysis until next Tuesday morning when the week begins once a week for dialysis.  I know this may sound strange, but I feel I have two weekends to look forward to.  Friday is my first weekend as it begins when Sabbath starts at sundown to Saturday sundown, and then I have what I call my dialysis weekend once I leave the clinic after dialysis because I do not have dialysis on Sundays or Mondays.  I have dialysis on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Does it make sense now?

What are your plans for the weekend?  I hope everyone has the best weekend possible like me.  I know everyone has walked different walks of life, but I can still wish everyone the best weekend possible, right?  That is the type of person I am.  What am I going to do this weekend?  Have dialysis treatment Saturday morning for 3.5 hours, have my boyfriend KB and his mother over for Bible study in the afternoon when I get back from dialysis, relax and enjoy my time with Bing Crosby the Cat, take time with/for God, read, and watch TV if there is something good to watch.  AR will be here in the morning for personal cares and part of my dialysis time as well as be here Sunday evening for a little while as I have personal cares in the morning.  Then when Monday DKF will be here in the morning at 7 AM CST to help me with personal cares.  My Mondays are very lowkey days every week most of the time.  It is the last day of my dialysis weekend as well.

As you can see, my days have a schedule I am very used to.  When something interrupts it in any way, I can get a little uncomfortable and feel like something is missing.  When DKF was in the hospital and on vacation, I still had my schedule the same with AR but it is not the same.  DKF and I have a type of relationship while AR and I have another type of relationship.  My friendships with each worker is different.  I love DKF and AR very much but each lady has their own personality and ideas of how they work while with me.  It is called individuality.  I just felt different when DKF was gone for a few days is all.

It is time for me to sign off for the rest of the night.  Sabbath begins in twenty-one minutes.  I have to go.  It has been a good day and now that evening is here, it is time for me to close up my shop until tomorrow when I have a chance to write again;  I hope everyone has a blessed night and weekend, and please be safe. God loves you!

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