A Good Day? Yes!

As my day ends, so does my journaling. Dialysis went smoothly. An update will be given on Saturday when I have time to write about the week. What happened to my computer’s desktop did not ruin my day.

My life did not stop abruptly when I noticed my desktop was empty. The anxiousness didn’t last very long, either. My life did not end. I am still here – fully intact and feeling stable, tired, and wiped out from dialysis this evening. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. I am about ready for bed, but I wanted to write one more entry before closing up shop for the night.

I think an observation made, the manager finally got through to my neighbor about his noise above me between 5 AM – 8 AM. With our building, the walls are thin, and we can hear what is going on in apartments all around. I have not her Angus or my neighbor before 7 AM during the past couple of days. Did he get the message? Was he warned for the last time? It has been quieter – much quieter than usual. Is he home? I have to let management know. I have a lightbulb that needs to be replaced because the one I have now just burned out.

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  1. It is so quiet where I live. It’s almost surreal. But I have to tell you, I never take it for granted. I’m glad your major issue seems to be solved for now! Rest well!

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