Friday, January 29, 2021

Magic Kitty

I can not believe that Magic is going to be nine months tomorrow. I’ve had him for four months, and I love him very much. I think he has my first cat in him. Her name was Emilee Marie Cuddles. Now, when it comes to Bing, Magic has Bing in him as well. Emilee was a tabby cat, and Bing was an all-white kitty. In bright light, you can see brown under his black fur with tabby markings. He has a small white coat that is only visible close upon his chest but a white fur patch on his belly between his hind legs. Yesterday I realized and accepted that Magic has some of Emilee and Bing in him, and adopting him from the Rock County Humane Society was meant to be.

Having two previous cats in Magic has shocked me at first — for the first several minutes. Is it possible? I told my dad what I thought, and he said to me that it is possible. A cat can get pregnant by three different cats, and I find that amazing. Please forgive me for being excited about it as well as shocked. I do find it believable yet shocking. I wonder what his kitty mom and kitty dad was like before he has been found on the streets in Janesville, Wisconsin. I understand that he didn’t understand the litter box because he used the outdoors as his potty place. It took him forty-eight hours to master the litter box. My friend JM brought over a small litter box for me to use, and my worker took the cover off the litter box in the bathroom. Within a week, he — Magic — started using the litter box on his own in the bathroom. JM came and got the litter box I borrowed. Her cat Whizzbang used the litter box when she was a small kitten. Now l

she is four years old and a big girl. JM believes she — Whizzbang — is a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Life in General

My life on dialysis is not easy. Having to get rides to and from can be frustrating at times. I have had moments of anxiety at the clinic. I threw away my Alprazolam pills because they were old, and the meds need to be taken to the police department for proper disposal. Also, I thought Doctors and nurses (Nephrologist and primary) told me to take my meds as directed told me to take my blood pressure meds, but I took them as PRN’s when I was supposed to take them as required for the past year and a half. I am embarrassed. I could have lost DKF as my caregiver because DKF could have destroyed her job. I have spent the past couple of days talking to my pharmacists and doctor’s nurses to get rid of the confusion DKF and I was having. Now, I have to take my meds as directed. On dialysis days, I will not take my blood pressure meds until after treatment if my blood pressure is high. Yesterday, I was so tired that I had a tone with DKF, and she said she was not coming back at 7:30 PM. She did come back. My tiredness went away. I was asleep by 9:30 PM and woke up at 4 AM this morning.

Getting Online

DKF has been coming at 5 AM this week because she couldn’t come on Tuesday until around 3 PM. She made up the hours. I gained ten pounds of fluid in my body because my body can no longer flush out the toxins because of my kidney disease. On Thursday, treatment resumed as usual without any hitches. With that said, I have had time to get online to write in my diary to share my thoughts of the day, Friday, January 29, 2021. It is my account of what happens during my day — afternoon in this case. I wake up at 5 AM every morning these days. It gives me an hour to write before DKF gets here at 6 AM. Why not have time for myself? It works for me. What works for you?

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