Dialysis Update 

Dialysis this week went well. My arm’s graft is doing great. Today was beautiful, and I won’t argue or complain. The center had only three techs on the floor when I got there on Thursday so getting connected and disconnected to/from the machine was a prolonged process. After 12:30 PM, there were only two techs. Having twelve patients and two techs, and one nurse (even though I haven’t mentioned anything about the nurses), I have to admit that it was a fantastic day for dialysis. Now, for today, it was still a little slow getting me connected to the machine. I didn’t start dialyzing until 9:25 AM. I am usually dialyzing by 9:15 AM. Yes, I know that it is only a ten-minute difference, but my weekends are my weekends to me, and I have two days – Sunday and Monday are non-dialysis days. I call Saturday to Tuesday my dialysis weekend.

Routine Change For the Weekend & Tuesday —

In the afternoon, when I am done dialyzing, I do not get a ride home from DKF anymore. I have been getting a ride home from a company that MTM contracts out.

That began a month ago, and the company that picks me up has its business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am impressed with this company. Also, Dawn will not be here tomorrow – Sunday and not be here until Monday afternoon when her husband SF goes to work for the day. She doesn’t have to work for another client. I can do this because she told me about her weekend off more than two weeks ago. Sometimes change, and I have their necessity at times. I cannot wait to get back on track on Wednesday because Tuesday will be a little different as well. DKF will be here in the morning, take me to dialysis, pick me back up, and be gone for the rest of the day by 1:15 PM when she is with me from 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Tuesday. Again, I can do it.

Magic Kitty –

After I got home from dialysis, my friend JM came by to help me find Magic’s favorite toy he loves to play with. It was found underneath the TV stand. I call it his rollerball because it just goes around and around. 

When JM found it, she had to find the ball that sits in it because the ball was not in his toy. I thought it would be a broken toy, but JM was able to get the ball back into the toy without a hitch. When I saw that the ball was gone out of the toy, I realized how brilliant Magic is.

Time –

It is time for me to log off.

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