JW is Gone Now


My friend JW has passed away at age 50. He had Down Syndrome, and in the past year or two, he had dementia, and the disease was fast and furious. My friend’s wife, who has been a friend of mine since high school in 1987, kept everyone updated on JW’s progress or decline. When my friend MEE asked me if I knew what happened to JW d today, I knew in my heart that he was no longer with us. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach, but the tears wouldn’t budge as if I didn’t have any feeling whatsoever. Am I a bad friend? Sometimes I wonder. I haven’t seen JW and KW for a long time, and when I began dealing with the COVID-19 virus¬†(haven’t had it myself), visiting friends was out. I haven’t seen KW and JW for over a year. Every time I go past the apartment building, I think of them with a heart that longs to see them again, but now JW is gone. He passed away. KW is by herself now. I will see KW when I have the opportunity. What wonderful memories she will have to ponder as the grief of losing her husband comes and goes. JW and KW were an incredible, special couple in Janesville, Wisconsin. You are going to be missed, JW! RIP JW.

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