I cannot believe that April will be leaving us after tomorrow for a year. I sometimes wonder why days go so fast while others go slower than molasses. Is my life boring? No, not at all, to be very honest. I have a very energetic kitty who will be a year old tomorrow and has his very naughty streaks daily. He knows how to get under my skin as he frustrates me from time to time – today of all days being dialysis days. I hate leaving him behind for three hours and fifteen minutes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I believe that dialysis is essential, though, even though I would sometimes do something else with my three hours. That’s how I sometimes feel, even though I have a smile on my face.

DKF and I have been watching Top Chef for the past few weeks now.
We are in the eighth season titled Top Chef: Top Chef All-Stars featuring the first seven seasons of contestants who did not make it as Top Chef in the first seven seasons. I like Top Chef like I like Master Chef. While we watch shows together, I do not observe them without DKF. I have my marathon shows to watch while she’s not here. Our show is Top Chef, while my shows are:
Murder, She Wrote
Dr. Phil
CSI: Miami
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Dance Moms
Law and Order
Law and Order: SVU
Unsolved Mysteries and an occasional movie.
Depending on what I am interested in for the day, the marathon fits what I want to do. Can I live without TV? No, I couldn’t, even though at times I can wait for a few hours to watch TV.

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