It Happened to Me For the First Time

When it comes to trusting a company to pick me up, I expect them to pick me up and get me to dialysis. Well, that did not happen today. I ended up calling MTM at 8:50 AM because I could not get a hold of the company directly to get any answers I needed. When MTM got through to Richwood dispatch, they learned that the person who was supposed to pick me up for dialysis treatment had car trouble. Richwood didn’t call me to tell me, and I could not get through to talk to anyone in Wisconsin. I ended up going back inside my building for the day and missed treatment. I will have treatment on Thursday and Saturday now.

At 10:00 AM, I called MTM to make an official complaint against Richwood. It took a few minutes to get the complaint done, but the gal who helped me with what was needed, I was impressed with the outcome of the complaint by the end of the conversation. I asked questions and definitely will not what Richwood to help me again. I am not happy about how I could not speak to someone regarding my ride and where it was. I take dialysis treatment very seriously, and understanding that I can miss once in a while, I do not want to gain too much fluid weight by Thursday. I’ve already had my dialysis weekend Sunday and Monday. Hopefully, missing dialysis today won’t put a dent in me by Thursday. We will have to wait and see now.

Since I did not make it to dialysis today, I will watch Hulu shows and hang out with the Magic kitty. DKF will be back tonight for about an hour. I have also texted her and told her what happened, and she knows I am not very happy about what happened this morning. We will probably have a good laugh about something later.

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