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Dialysis Treatment —

I will not argue how dialysis went today — all week — even though I didn’t have treatment on Tuesday. Today I went in at 95.3 kilos. I have to admit that I drank more fluid yesterday. I left at 92.1 kilos this afternoon at 12:30 PM. Treatment went fast even though three hours and fifteen minutes of my day I am sitting at the clinic. Time did go by quickly today. I am glad that I am home and have been home since 12:53 PM. I have no treatment until Tuesday morning now.

Rides from MTM —

I have been getting rides from MTM vendors after dialysis for the past three to four months. DKF and SF can have Saturday afternoon and Sunday to have time for one another because they work during the week. I have had this one company for several weeks now, and this business is excellent. The past couple of weeks, I have had this company call Uber drivers to pick me up because the company’s owner is waiting for paperwork to go through for the year. I had to tell her that Uber drivers cannot let me sit in the front seat because of Covid. I have difficulty getting into the back seat these days — uncomfortable, and my right foot always gets stuck while getting into the car’s back seat. Hopefully, her regular driver can start picking me up next week. We shall wait and see.

Company Yesterday —

My parents from AR came for a short visit yesterday. It was fast and sweet, a quick lunch from Kwik Trip down the street from Highway 51. From here, they drove up to Dad’s brother’s farm for the next couple of days. They told me that a second cousin is graduating from high school tomorrow, and my aunt and uncle invited them. I am very happy for my cousin. I’d go, but I have dialysis to worry about, and with Covid out there, I am staying safe until further notice.

Company Today —

I got to see my boyfriend KB and his Mom TB this afternoon. We have our worship here every Saturday afternoon since I cannot get to church because of dialysis treatment. TB was planning on going home from church to have worship over the phone with me, but KB wanted to see me this afternoon. My heart felt light and happy hearing this. My boyfriend is very thoughtful. I am glad I have him.

Aches and Pains —

I have aches and pains in my left arm this afternoon. Movement makes the arm feel sore, but I am still using it the best I can. Sometimes I wince at specific activities right now. It is my best arm because I have cerebral palsy on the right side. When I have aches and pains, I do not feel my best. I have to rest up a little and go from the bottom up until the aches and pains are gone or tolerable. Because of the aches and pains now, I will sign off for now and come back later or tomorrow. It is time for something to eat. What to have? How about chips and salsa? Yum…

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