Good Morning and Happy Labor Day

Hello and good morning. I hope everyone has found their weekend a good one. Today is Labor Day, and many businesses observe this day. I know my caregiver, MK, is observing it because she isn’t here today. Smile. She will be here at 6 AM — Tuesday. It’ll be a good day today. I plan to go to the Cracker Barrel for lunch with AD and grocery shopping, then home for the day to later see JM for a little while to help me with Magic kitty’s litter box the past two days — Saturday night through today. It’s going to be a busy day for what today is…Labor Day. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day.

Magic Kitty

Magic Man (Kitty) has been getting into things in the closet the past couple of days. He is so inquisitive and nosey, but I love him because he’s a growing (16-month kitty and a cat who will be 17-month old on September 30th). I wouldn’t change any part of my baby boy. He’s brilliant and has found the closet behind the bathroom door a place to play. I have three boxes on top of one another, and he has found a place to lay. He plays with the string attached to the light, and he turns it on and off effortlessly. He’s my baby boy, no matter how old he is going to be in the future. He’s young, wild, and again, my baby boy. I love him very much.

Have Time For Myself

AD will be here sometime after 10 AM, so I am taking advantage of the time for myself this morning before she gets here. Magic kitty is looking out the living room and resting from play for a little bit. Thank goodness, LOL. I am watching Murder, She Wrote. I have my marathon shows to watch on Hulu, Peacock TV, Netflix, and Roku apps daily. Right now, this morning is Peacock TV. I enjoy having time for myself daily and according to my schedule of the day. What is your schedule like?


Once again, I want to mention Grammarly. I use it daily for writing my diary/blog for the day. It helps me correct my grammar, sentence writing, and wording at times of need. I love the program very much. It is worth $30 a month. I am not an English teacher, but I am a stickler like one. I am beginning to wonder if my ninth-grade English teacher MAI is rubbing off me. If she is, that’s fantastic. She was a great influence on her students, and I liked her teaching methods. I feel that I didn’t have respected her as I should have while in high school, but I do more so today. I would like to have communication with her today, but we don’t. I want her to know how much I’ve grown in the past five years, but I can’t right now. Anyway, Grammarly works for me.

Time to Say Good-Bye For Now

It is time for me to do other things before my day begins. I am going to say goodbye for now, and come back later to write more. I hope my friends and readers will have a good day. Goodbye for now with more to say; knowing that I have written a lot right now (he he he). Have a good day, everyone.

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