My Day at Home Today

Last night was a late night before getting some sleep.  I admit that having a very energetic kitty at night makes a night of sleep difficult at times.  I still will not change anything about Magic whatsoever.  I am moving from Burbank Plaza to Garden Court with Magic, and right now, he’s upset about the changes being made.  I get it.  My body, too, is going through some changes that are upsetting me as well; that’s how I get it.  I understand.  Yes, I’m repeating myself in some fashion.

Packing For the Move

Do you think I like the idea of moving?  To a point, I do.  The packing for the move gets me a bit overwhelmed, even though I am getting help with filling boxes.  It is a lot of work for one person alone, and thank goodness for MK.  MK is very strong, and for a good reason.  Her story is for her to tell, not me.  Three bookshelves and knickknacks were packed on Monday and Wednesday, and a closet and partial bedroom were set packed today.  MK and I are making headway for October 1, 2021. I am done for the day.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Marathon

I have been having a marathon of Law & Order: Criminal Intent programs this week.  I am in the second season.  Vincent D’onofrio is my favorite, along with Kathryn Erbe and other actors on the show.  Vincent is my favorite.  I do not have anything better to do these days when my morning and afternoon are more relaxing.  I can do so much these days.

Weight Change?

I am 197.3 lbs now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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