A Day To Get Some Writing Done I

7:45 AM 

I am not happy with myself. I accidentally deleted part of my dialysis update while writing, and it could not be recovered. I will have an update posted as soon as I can. 

1:55 PM 

I am happy with my dialysis updates. Posted. 

My Sundays (Every week) 

Every Sunday I do not have MK my caregiver here in the morning.  She gets a break from working with/for me, and I have a day without having company over for the day myself. I take advantage of my time by relaxing, reading, resting when needed, give Magic Kitty all the love he wants as well as treats because he does not get moist cat food on Sunday mornings, and I will take the time to read, and spend some time with God throughout the day. I spend time with God daily, but time is not fixed. I spend time with God at any time of the day. Today, I have been exploring MS Office online at MS OFFICE since I found the app on my Kindle Fire tablet after buying and setting it up to use the tablet when I go to dialysis every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I am waiting patiently for my mom to call. 

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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