A Day to Get Some Writing Done II

I texted my mom to see if she could talk to me a few minutes after 4 PM, but she texted me back saying that she was out walking, so I decided to call Dad and talk to him for a few minutes. I like to keep him and his wife SK up to date about dialysis every week and this week, instead of texting, I wanted to hear my dad’s voice. Many people prefer to text more than talk on the phone these days, whereas I am comfortable with both. I do not want a phone in my hands every five minutes anymore. 

After talking to my dad, my phone rang because my mom was calling me. Wow, it was only five minutes or so after hanging up with talking to my dad. I call that perfect timing. Mom and I talked about how my week went and what I am I up too in the now other than talking to Mom. The Good Witch marathon was on then. My mom has been working on some projects in her office. She works on different projects daily, and what she is working on this week was not mentioned. 

My Projects Today 

I have been exploring MS 365 online all day, writing in my blog/diary, and thinking about writing a chapter in my life I want to get written. The anniversary of starting dialysis for the second time is April 24, 2022, and my experience with Ativan had what Dr. A says, “I was sick. I guess, because it is time to relax before going to sleep for the night, I will have to wait until tomorrow to do that project. While I was on and my computer, I did take breaks to give Magic Kitty his attention and loves. I need to love Magic, too. He is my baby boy, but do not that in front of other people or he might give you a look of displeasure, LOL. 

Time to Go 

It is time for to sign off for the night. Good night. 

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