April 9, 2022 – Newsletter 7


Dear Diary

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Welcome to my weekend after leaving dialysis treatment Saturday afternoon. Today for Sunday, I had some fun getting out with my boyfriend KB and his mom TB for lunch and grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. It was a gorgeous day at 61 degrees. For lunch, we went to Red Robin. I had the chili chili burger with regular bottomless fries, while KB had a chicken sandwich with bottomless garlic fries, and TB had a sandwich I forgot with onion rings. For drinks, KB had a sweetened tea, I had a drink that had pear in it and was purple, and TB had the same drink I had in a refill, but she had a lemonade, I think if I remember right, lol. My memory fails me because I am getting tired. Is it going to be a long night? What I am going to share now is something that I did not expect to happen. Please understand that I am still mending from a broken friendship, but I am not weak or unhappy. I still love my home, and I look forward going downstairs to wait for my ride in the morning and see tenants as they come and go outside to have a cigarette or just get fresh air. I have come to know a few tenants by face and a few by face and name. I love it here. I have found my home. I will leave Burbank Plaza in my past. It was a great place to live for twenty-three years, and now I am at Garden Court.

After lunch, we went to Wal-Mart because KB needed to get some things. I did not need anything, but I went to get some fresh air, and I was having fun. I always have fun with KB and TB. While there, I saw a woman with a hairstyle and color coming toward me, and I was going to say something when I realized it was DKF and her husband. I kept my mouth shut at that point because the look on her face seemed ugly and angry. Her husband SF turned his head to face his wife to avoid looking at me. With my ability to be very observant, I have to say that what they were doing was obvious. Although I did say hello or say anything to them as they walked past me and KB, I did feel hurt and wanted to cry. A few minutes later, I realized that how DKF and SF acted was on them, and if they acted as they did, then it was not my problem. Yes, I was hurt, and I feel sad because people can be mean; at one time, DKF had been a wonderful BFF, but last July, she walked away from working for me and our friendship. I have taken my part in what happened and tried to apologize, but she would not have it. After Wal-Mart, we came back to my place and had worship together before they left for the day, so they could get other things done before attending the seminar at church in Beloit, Wisconsin. 

I had a good day. 

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