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Hello and welcome to my world today. I have been exploring WordPress a little bit and feel the need to experiment with how I can create a look that looks like a newsletter while I continue to explore MS 365 online. I have been taking my days while at dialysis and home when I have time to write. Now, I am very new at creating a different look, so please bear with me until I figure something out by working with what creative juices I have at the time of creating. Please understand that not all my newsletters will be the same until I figure it out, and I will not have the same topics in my diary and blog. I have been used to writing a diary at Dear Diary for several years now, and now I can call it my diary and blog. Why not? 

I have not done much today. JP came over between 11:30 AM and 11:45 AM to clean, do dishes, vacuum, and do laundry. She gave me my bath and dressed me in comfortable clothes for the day. I have some difficulty dressing, so I get help each day. With JP helping me, we have made arrangements that she comes in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday now, and arrive at 6:30 AM or 7:00 AM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and still have Sundays to myself and Magic Kitty. Having her come later allows me to have time to work on my projects. 

I am back sleeping in my favorite chair in the living room again. When I sleep in my bedroom on my bed, I always start sleeping at the head of my bed correctly. I wake up finding myself down further toward the foot of the bed with a backache and finding it hard to get off the bed from a lying position after reclining for a few hours or minutes when I know I started sleeping in a reclining position. Also, my CPAP machine has a hose that somehow gets stuck in my bed, creating a hole in it. Last week, I had to pay $40 to replace the hose because I could not get replacement supplies until April 26, 2022. 

It is late, and I have dialysis tomorrow. JP will be here at 7 AM, and I am getting tired. Good night. 

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