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In the Works

 Welcome! My diary here is changing for a reason, and I cannot explain now because I have a busy day after 10 AM or 11 AM, and my journal is still in the works to get all the changes that I want to finalize. I am still looking for the best way to make my Dear Diary site a newsletter because it will not be just a diary anymore. All I can say about that change (adding some things) is that I want to become a blogger and not just be a diarist anymore. I am not perfect, and I have proven that over the past few days. I have written about it. At times I will still share individual entries like Dialysis Updates and My Diary in Words when I am not using a newsletter template on MS Office 365. I am paying $7 a month to use MS 365, and I want to make every penny worth the cost. I am paying an additional $7 a month to use the premium version of the editor now. Even though I am still perfecting my writing, I am a grammar and sentence structure stickler. 

Today, I am taking a break from using the newsletter template this morning. Sometimes I will not use the template and still have individual entries. I have had to use the newsletter template more than once because of what I want to add to it and find the right place to write in the template. I have made mistakes, and ideas were popping into my head. Even Magic has his spot now, and we call it Magic’s Corner: Magic Speaks. 

I have come up with My Diary: My Life in Words, Scripture of the Day, Dialysis Updates, Prayers, Our Daily Bread, My Talk with Jesus Magic’s Corner, and Garden Court. I will not show these titles in every blog and diary, but they will be there when I write. The newsletter format is still in the works as I am trying to find the right look, which will change over time, but I have found a design that I will be using and sticking to it from now on. Sometimes, unfortunately, my entries may be too short to look like a newsletter with two or three columns. 

When it comes to what I call spiritual antidotes, I am not here to shove my faith and beliefs down the throats of others. I believe and understand that there are different faiths and beliefs out there, and I have studied others to find where I belonged, and now, I am in a church family that is the right for me. I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and yes, I go to church on Saturday mornings and not Sundays. When I have time, I will explain more about Seventh Day Adventism, but in the meantime, this is all I can tell you. I have a busy day coming up. Talking about Seventh Day Adventism can be a topic all by itself. I can say this, though, Seventh Day Adventism comes from the Protestant church. We talk about Christ’s second coming and share it worldwide. 

I will have other ideas pop up occasionally, and I will go from there when ideas do come. Again, I am not perfect, but I am a stickler for sentence structure and grammar. I will be using Grammarly for that, yet my entries will not always be perfect. Grammarly is an excellent program, yet programs on computers or other electronic devices are not perfect. 

My Day 

I have my caregiver coming soon. I will be getting a bath (sponge bath), getting dressed for the day, and going to an appointment at 2 PM. I want my podiatrist to look at something and see what it is. I am a little nervous, but I know that Dr. A (not my nephrologist) is a professional and a doctor, which I am not. Also, today is the last, what I call dialysis weekend, day off. I did not celebrate Easter with anyone this year, but I did have a meal here, thanks to my caregiver, JP. She brought some food over from her Easter meal. After the appointment, I have no significant plans but to get home and relax and probably have something to eat. I have been watching or listening to Law & Order. 

JP is here, so I will go for now and come back later. 

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