April 18, 2022 – Newsletter 11

Garden Court

What’s Happening

Today, while I was waiting for my ride downstairs, I talked with a couple of neighbors. A neighbor, DC, M, my friend JS, and I spoke for a few minutes. I have known DC since we were younger and went camping at Camp Waubeek. We were not in the same group, but we stayed in the same cabin. Also, when I was younger and attended church with my grandparents, I would see DC while we were taking communion. Anyway, DC and I exchanged numbers and have spoken a couple of times. She wanted to know if I wanted to go down to her place to watch TV with her, but I just sat down to watch more Law & Order: SVU, get online to work on my newsletter and relax. I promised her I would get together with her tomorrow night. 

Even though the lobby is open again, I rarely see tenants sitting down there when I am waiting for my rides to and from dialysis. When I sit and wait for my ride, I see tenants have a cigarette or take trash/recyclables out to the dumpsters or take their dogs out to do their duties.

My Talks with Jesus

Dear Jesus, 

I would like to thank you for your hand in guiding my podiatrist on what to do regarding my right foot. I am glad that it is not a cyst as well; happy that the x-rays showed the doctor that whatever it is, it is not serious. I will keep an eye on it and get back to the doctor to get my toenails on my left foot trimmed in a few weeks. My toenails were long and grotesque; now, they are shorter and do not need to be hidden. 

My Diary

My Life in Words

My Foot Diagnosis 

I am not a doctor, and I cannot make a diagnosis about the bump on my right foot, so I went to my podiatrist at SSM Health/Dean Clinic today to have an official diagnosis. I will not deny that I have been a little scared and have had thoughts of losing my foot, and on Saturday, I saw a dialysis patient’s left foot that looked normal with only two toes, and that made me think of my foot and what will my podiatrist’s diagnosis be.  

The doctor did look at my foot and said it was not a cyst. He told me what he was planning on doing while he looked at my toenails on the left foot and trimmed and filed them. The doctor ordered x-rays of the right foot, and when they were viewed, I was told that there was nothing serious, but he wanted to keep an eye on things. I will make an appointment to have him look again and trim and file my toenails in a few weeks. 

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