May 10, 2022 – My Diary – Sometimes I Wonder and Ask Why

My diary 

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Unknown Phone Calls 

 I do like calls, but when someone is not on my contact list, and they call daily, I am not a happy camper. I hate calls like that. What is the use of having your number on the do not call list? I find it useless. Robocalls are horrible. No message left or they say press 1 to be on the do not call list. I am getting very frustrated because I have been getting calls from Sherwood, Wisconsin daily, and just the other day, I found out what the call was about – an association wanting a donation. If someone does not get a hold of a person over the phone, they need not keep trying to get a hold of them. It is necessary to silence all calls that are not on my contact list now. I have made sure that my number is on the Do Not Contact list, and I have been reporting numbers left and right every week. I hate scammers and spammers. I will be making sure that any calls unknown will be reported tomorrow when I have time.

Magic’s Corner 

Magic Speaks 

I am an incredibly happy kitty cat. One of my birthday presents is a rechargeable laser printer from Amazon. I have fun with it. My first day with the light, I would not let mommy rest. I drove her nuts getting into mischief with the cupboards. When Mommy is tired after dialysis, I can be a stinker and she say to me that Dot is resting. Mommy named the dot, Dot. My laser light has a dot, mouse, smiley face, star, and a butterfly. I love them all. Dot and I are getting to know each other. Last night I let my mommy sleep last night. Thanks, Magic Baby, I appreciate the rest last night. Love, Mommy. 

Garden Court 

I get that sometimes the community room and the Garden Court office will be closed at times. From 8 to 3 PM the community room will be closed to the tenants because there is going to be a meeting. I have not been in the community room as a tenant yet, but I have been in the community room filling out my information to move in with management. I am not interested in using the community room as a tenant because I am one of those people who likes to keep to herself in her apartment and leave to visit my friend DC on the first floor. The meeting they are having today must be especially important if the office is closed today. Whatever the meeting is about, I pray for it be a good meeting. Dear Jesus, there is a meeting for the workers at Garden Court today. May God watch over it and be a part. Whatever it is about, may it be in God’s will it be productive, and the workers learn. Love, Kristi.


I have been dealing with some aches and pains. Please pray for/with me to have less pain and aches, thank you.

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  1. Yetzirah says:

    I agree about the calls. It’s like…who wants to be harassed this way? There are some days I think I’ll engage them with a conversation and find a way to annoy THEM… but then I think better of it. But it IS tempting…. 🙂

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