A Morning of Thought

Good morning. It is Thursday, about a half an hour before my caregiver JP gets here at 7 AM. I have dialysis today. Magic has been a little playful. I have two hairbrushes and he grabbed one of them right and dropped it on the floor. He can be a silly kitty at times. Anyway, this is my time, and I am watching Murder, She Wrote, season 6, and I cannot tell what the episode is other than that it is titled ‘Dead Letter’. My eyes have trouble seeing the print that is small. Yesterday, JP moved the desk and the bookshelf that was in the living room corner, and it looks nice. My caregiver MK knows how to move but arranging things in closets needs a little work. A little nerving for JP who wants to rearrange my closets to declutter – not me so much. 

I have been dealing with anxiety off and on these days, but I am doing good now. For some reason anxiety has been up. Not sure if it is the weather, hormones, or mood. I have been busy on my non-dialysis days now that the weather has been warmer. I believed my brother when he said that we went from winter to summer this year because this week we Wisconsin residents are dealing with the temperature in the 70s and 80s. Today, the temperature is to be 90 degrees. That is hot. 

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  1. We are waiting for that Spring/Summer switch too. Nothing ever prepares you for a 20 degree jump in temperatures ! 💗

    1. You are right. When the temperature jumps from one to another from one day to another, it affects my body and muscles. With cerebral palsy, I did not have any problems when I was younger. I have noticed the change in the past year, and I am only 51 years old with July 3 being my birthday and will be 52. I am not old, and when I have aches and pains I feel old.

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