Being Careful Because…

She Reached Out to Me 

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I was thinking about a friendship that was dissolved a while back because she said, ‘since you do not understand that I am sick, we cannot be friends.’ Well, this person, who happens to be JO, texted me yesterday. We talked. I am glad reached out to me. I am going to keep JO at a distance because I am not going to be sucked into her drama and issues. I will be honest with her when it comes to communication. I am not going to hold back my feelings 

She’s Paying For Being Foolish 

When it comes to a friend’s sexual life, I need not know because it is between my friend and their mate, right? Well JO is paying for having unprotected sex now. She has two STD’s. With her health issues at hand, she has two STD’s. I was livid when I learned this, and I told her so. Both she and her boyfriend were dumb not using protection. My feeling toward her boyfriend is how dare you and now I do not trust her new boyfriend now. He and JO are on antibiotics for their STD’s. They were dumb not using protection. JO has Mycoplasma and Urea plasma, and from what I read, there are antibiotics that will not work. I hope and pray that JO will be okay in the future. I told her that I see why her parents get frustrated with her. She does stupid things. For goodness sakes, she is forty-three years old! It is time to grow up and stop being foolish. 

Do Not Get Me Wrong

I am glad that JO reached out to me. The only thing I need to do is take care of me and deal with my health and pray for JO. I cannot get involved in her drama without speaking the truth no matter if it hurts us both. I will not hold back my feelings and if she touches a nerve, she will know right away. I am not going to hold back my feelings and words. I still consider our friendship dissolved at this time and I will keep JO at a distance from now on. I am doing this because I do not want to burn out. I cannot afford anxiety attacks and depression this time of year when it is nice out and the weather will let me get out more. 

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