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June 27, 2022 

Junk, Spam, Trash in E-mails, and Texts 

Not every day do I check my e-mails. I have not done so in years, although I have working e-mails to use. My e-mails get looked at maybe, once a week, but usually monthly. I have one e-mail address that has turned into my junk e-mail, so I use it for junk when it comes to junk sites. I have an e-mail that I use for my spiritual Bible site when reading Bible scriptures and doing devotionals. I also use my Charter internet e-mail for spiritual devotionals when it comes to reading devotionals from Ellen G. White, Oswald Chambers Utmost for His Highest, and Daily Bread devotionals. My junk e-mail is just there for junk and spam. It makes me sick when I have over 500 junk e-mails to delete and later dump in the trash. I rarely get an e-mail from family outside my mom’s husband sharing bits and pieces of his adventures, crafts, and occasional holiday pictures. I do look forward to them. He’s married to a beautiful woman. With technology today, I still like to talk on the phone, but I have family and friends who prefer texting over talking. I am all for accommodating family wants and preferences, too. I am flexible that way. Texting is the way now, and messages on Facebook messenger. 

Today, not complaining outwardly but inwardly with a groan of dissatisfaction, I deleted over 500 e-mails from my junk account. I looked at a couple of e-mails because I want to opt out of some political e-mails that I get about our former President Trump. Please do not judge me for saying his name when I am just being opinionated. I am Independent, which means neither a Republic nor a Democrat. I do not care what side anyone is on because that is how I am. I vote, but I vote for the best person, not the party. I get too many e-mails from Trump’s party, which is getting too much regarding a specific side or party. If you want to know what I think about the Republican and Democratic parties, I will make many people upset either way, so I would rather keep my mouth shut unless you want to have a debate on the record. I believe, though, that I had tried to opt-out of Trump e-mails before, and I did it no success in opting-out. Oh well. 

After getting my junk e-mail deleted and trying to opt-out from Trump e-mail, I must admit that I opted-in to get texts. That was NOT my plan whatsoever. I wanted to opt-out entirely. So, when a text from Trump’s people, I had to text ‘stop’ to opt-out texts, too. Is it going to be a never-ending feat? That is why I have an e-mail: its destination is junk and trash today and it has been for a few years. That is Gmail for me, I suppose. 

Recently, my phone has been getting text messages from people I do not know. My iPhone 12 Max Pro phone has been set up to announce who is calling and when the number is not on my contact list, Siri says, ‘unknown caller.’ It can be frustrating. I do not want to put my phone to silent callers who are not on my contact list because doctors need to get a hold of me from time to time, and they may be using a different phone number. When an unknown caller rings, I look at the number on the phone’s screen and do not answer it. Yesterday, when I got two to three calls that were numbers I knew, I replied saying, ‘take me off your contact list,’ and hung up right away. I dislike calls not on my contact list more than the next person. 

Now when it comes to texts from people I do not know, I have been getting them daily to every other day. I dislike it a lot. I consider it junk and spam, even fraud, because my number is in someone’s hands. I do not open such texts from people I do not know and delete them immediately without any problems. Even though I use Mac products and not Windows, I am still cautious with viruses and trojans that can affect my MacBook Pro and iPhone. My phone is my means of communication, whether through a text message or a conversation on the phone with someone. I am one of those people who has no preference for communication. I text or have conversations with my callers. I am flexible. The other night I received a text with an attachment and deleted it without looking at it. I was not taking any chances of finding a naked man or woman on my phone’s screen. I am not that type of woman.  

Koinonia Singers 2022 

The other evening, at 6:30 PM, DH took me to a program at one of the pavilions downtown. Because of the distance, DH parked her car in front of the building, and I took a ride in my wheelchair being pushed by her son TH. DH, her husband SH, and son TH came to see the program. We got to the program and found other family members of the H family sitting together, and we parked ourselves among the rest of the family and waited for the program to begin. It was nice seeing everyone, the growing kids, and grandchildren. One of the H cousins, age seventeen, was in the program, and I thought that AH was excellent as one of the program’s leads. Some kids were in tune with the music they sang, and AH was in tune. DH said he took singing lessons. Watching him get the message about Jesus to the other kids was there, but some of the songs were hard to follow. I was excited about going to the program, but when it was over, I was glad to be home from the darkness to relax before going to sleep for the night. The program was almost two hours long. Because the program was by the Rock River, bugs hung around me like I was flypaper, but at least I did not get bit by mosquitoes – I think, LOL. 

June 29, 2022 

Dialysis Update Change 

I will share my dialysis updates the day or the day after each treatment. I am finding it a little challenging to keep up with recording my treatments and posting them promptly. 


Please forgive me for what I will be talking about here, but something is wrong with a friend of mine. Here I am, going to dialysis three times a week at three hours a session each clinic visit. I ache, have pains in my arms and legs afterward, and have difficulty getting upstairs on my own, but I still get into my place from the first floor without complaining. My friend JO is always having medical needs. She had to go to the ER on Monday because she was not feeling well. She learned she had a migraine and probably would not help me upstairs on Tuesday afternoon. JO said she could not help me because she needed to rest before going to the movies with her boyfriend. She did not help me because she had a migraine and said she needed to relax before going to the movies did not make me happy. I was a little miffed. I have decided not to ask her for help anymore. I also believe that she should not have gone out with her boyfriend if she could not or would not help me; she should have stayed home. Is she a hypochondriac? Janessa has lied to me before, and I can see how I rate her as a friend by putting her boyfriend before me and not helping me but going to the movies the same day. What are your thoughts? I am curious and want to know. She has problems and needs help with priorities, but I am not the one to help her. I stopped when she decided not to be friends with me several weeks ago. 

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