The Rest of My Day and Closing Shop Early Tonight

A lot happened today. DH went grocery shopping for me and got everything, forgetting the green olives. No big deal. The item was not written in stone because when DH called at 9:51 AM, she was already at the store getting my groceries. It was okay that she did not get the olives. When she got here at 11 AM and began working by putting the groceries away, made breakfast of fried egg, turkey sausage, and cheese on a wheat bagel. While I was eating, she got my laundry ready to be done downstairs and got my laundry in the washer and dryer without any problems. My bed sheets were done, the dresses that I wore on Tuesday and Thursday were washed as well as wash cloths and towels used for my weekly baths. After the laundry was done, I had a quick bath and got dressed for the rest of the day and Saturday for dialysis, and the rest of my weekend. She made lunch of ony beef hotdog on a wheat hotdog bun with mustard and ketchup, sauerkraut, and banana pepper. I have to say that DH is a very good cook. I scarfed my breakfast and lunch in less than 20 minutes! After making lunch, she kept Magic Kitty occupied by playing with him while she waited for the laundry to dry in the downstairs laundry room. She then, when getting the laundry back up to my apartment, she folded and put laundry away, and asked me if she could take the time to sort my socks because I have some socks that do not have their pair with them. I do not like wearing socks any time of the year. I like my feet free of cover, even when I am wearing my brace and shoes every day. I cannot walk about my apartment or go anywhere without wearing my brace and shoes these days. My right foot is changing medically now that I am getting older. After DH sorted my socks, she left for the day and weekend. 

My friend JM came while DH was finishing her job. Both of us watched an episode of Murder Comes to Town together and chatted about our day. JM stayed until a little after 3:30 PM after an episode was finished and she got my evening medicine put it a medicine bottle for me to take at the time I take my meds at night. I have enjoyed the last part of my afternoon reading and watching Murder Comes to Town and relax. Meds taken and getting ready to rest is a must in my house. I had to take some stool softener today because my bowels can get too uncomfortable. My bowels are setting down now. Why did I mention my bowels? Oh, dear Lord! Please forgive me for being so open. 

I am going to go for the rest of the night. I am closing shop early tonight so I can read before Sabbath and relax for the evening. My tummy is full of breakfast and lunch, and I am getting tired from my day as well. I have had a fairly good week this week with some anxiety at the helm, but I have been managing. I want to have a good sleep tonight because I need all my strength for tomorrow morning and afternoon because I need to get out of my apartment by myself in the morning and afternoon. DH must go out of town with her son TH so she cannot help me tomorrow. JO cannot help me right now because she has a lot on her mind and has to get prepared for her upcoming week of therapy with counselors. Good night early. I have a project that will be done tomorrow. Good night. 

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