July 9, 2022 – Dialysis Update

I want to admit that when it comes to medical rides, being set up by a middleman company like Veyo can be frustrating. I have always thought being able to call for a ride was easier before Veyo. I have permanent rides to dialysis on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a company called Lavigne Bus Company, but on Saturdays, my medical rides are bounced weekly. Either it is You Buy We Fly, MMM, All Board, or CMK Delivery LLC. Today I got a company called Carepoint Transit. I have not heard of Carepoint Transit until today, and believe me, when I do not know someone, a business, or where things are, I get a little anxious and feel unsure. At least I get to and from dialysis safely. 

Dialysis went as smoothly as possible because my blood pressure went up and down during treatment. I came into the clinic at 91.5 (kilograms) and left the clinic at the same weight, 91.5 (kilograms). It was a little nerving, but the dialysis machine cleaned my blood from toxins and wastes, and I could be dialyzed for the entire three hours. With my BP going up and down, the dialysis machine had to be put in minimum of three separate times. It was a little frustrating, but today was better than last Saturday when the dialysis machine could only clean my blood because my BP was below 100/50 the entire treatment. Today turned out to be getting some toxins and wastes out and cleaning the blood simultaneously with my BP going up and down and the machine being put to minimum. Dialysis can go fine or not go well at all. 

Because my ride did not get to me until 8:45 AM, getting hooked up to the dialysis machine, I got out of the clinic between 12:15 and 12:30 PM. S the technician (female) had put my time at three hours and thirty minutes when I am only dialyzed for three hours a session. I still got out on time because nurse S fixed the time when one hour and five minutes did not seem right to us. When Nurse S changed the time (set), I had thirty minutes left. Technician S unhooked me from the machine, and S the technician could not get the recliner down, so S the technician was on my right side, Nurse P was on my left side, and L the technician was holding onto the recliner behind me. S and P said to trust them, L said she had the chair stable, and S and P helped me slide to the end of the recliner, and I went on foot out the door. The recliner does not work right (broken but useable because there is no chair to replace it)

I cannot complain about how dialysis went today. I am glad I have my dialysis weekend and I just have to watch my fluids for the next two and a half days.

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