My Day at a Glance

After getting home dialysis treatment, my dialysis weekend began. My friend JM came over after work, while TB (KB’s Mom) and KB came over after church. We chatted for a while among the four of us for a few minutes before TB’s phone rang. We were going to read the Sabbath lesson of the day. Still, the call was a family emergency that made TB and KB leave, leaving JM and me alone like any other weekday when JM comes over to visit and get meds in my Pria medicine dispenser done. I understand that emergencies happen, but sometimes I wish emergencies would not occur. Do I make sense? After JM left for the day, I just relaxed by reading and relaxing.

The Good Wife

For the last few weeks, I have been reading true stories. I have read Evidence of Love, Love Lies, and now I am reading The Good Wife. A Christian housewife is murdered. The woman who was murdered was Roger Skaggs wife. Reading the story so far has proven that Roger may be suffering from a midlife crisis and was having an affair with one of his co-workers; and gets a pilot license, a sports car, and changes his clean, executive appearance to having a beard. Despite the disappointment of Roger’s s midlife crisis, Mrs. Skaggs feels about her husband’s need to have a pilot’s license, a plane, a sports car, and a beard, but she still makes the home for her husband in a spiritual sense that means a wife should submit to her husband. Mrs. Skaggs was a woman who taught married couples how to have a strong, loving, and wonderful marriage. She has made many friends teaching wives how to submit to their husbands and have a relationship in the spiritual sense, and one evening she was brutally murdered while playing the piano. Murder in the neighborhood has upset the neighbors, and they want justice for their friend, who is now dead. Law enforcement and those who work in the labs getting DNA from home and objects used in murdering Mrs. Skaggs come up with evidence of fingerprints and blood samples showing that Roger Skaggs’s behavior is being looked into, yet there are no suspects. Roger Skaggs has been interviewed twice by detectives and what he says makes the detectives look closer to him. As I continue to read the story, I will give an update.

Time to go. I am getting tired and ready to get some sleep. I know it is early, but I had a long day that began at 5 AM instead of 5:45 AM. Having no caregiver this morning, I had to ensure I was adequately dressed, take my meds, and get out the door all by myself. Because of my limitations and need more time, I set my alarm for each task so I do not forget something and give myself time to get out the door with my kitty wanting to go with me. It is not easy for me to get out of my apartment because the door seems heavy when I deal with chronic pain that sometimes Tylenol does not relieve. Today the pain was there but ignored because I had something I had to do for myself and what health I still have.

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