A Little Book Update, Changes Are Occurring, and a Good Day for Grilling Out

The Good Wife 

The murder investigation continues as Roger Scaggs’s life changes by selling his home and moving into a condominium, losing his position at his job, and is on leave. Neighbors and church members have mixed feelings about Roger and the investigation. Anger has ensued between Roger and his pastor, who was there for Roger and his daughter the night of the murder, but Roger thinks not so. I think Roger is falling apart. He has been arrested and sat in jail for several days, and he says he did not kill his wife. This story is hard to put down, but I have other projects to work on as well since it is Sunday, and Sundays are my most extensive workday. 

I have seventeen chapters, and it is becoming clear what happened and who did it. As Roger is the primary suspect, and he says he is innocent, I have to admit that I see another husband and human being guilty of the crime. The evidence, the bag with the murder weapon and surgical gloves found in the trash receptacles on the property of Roger’s job, and the detectives hone on Roger. 

A Change Once Again 

I have made some adjustments to my diary and blog at DD today. Instead of being My Life and Words: A Newsletter, I have changed it to Chapters of my Life and Newsletter. With this new change, in my mind, it is yet a newsletter; I have not used the newsletter version as much as I have since begun the project. It is not getting old or hard to deal with; my interest has somewhat changed, and some days it is not easy getting more than one thing posted at a time, like My Diary and Prayers and News in one huge post. Please bear with me as I make up my mind. Thank you so much. I am still working on getting the kinks out of the change. Change and I work together sometimes. 

The Smell of Grilling Food 

With summer being the time grills are brought out to create lunches and suppers, today was one of those days I smelled the grilling of burgers and hotdogs. For thirty to forty minutes smelling the delicious scent, I wondered where it was coming from. I know we have Whiskey Ranch Bar and Grill at the end of the block going in the direction of South Main St. I live on North Main Street. I do not think that the bar and grill’s food could be smelled down at the other end of the block, but it could be possible depending on how the wind is blowing. I believe that someone was grilling nearby more so than anything because the smell of grilled meat was wafting into my apartment as if it was right outside this afternoon—a great day for grilling today. 

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