Afternoon and Evening Thought

Another day is ending. I was not planning on journaling tonight, but I have some energy to stay up for a bit longer. Today has been a good day. Dialysis went well today—more details in Dialysis Updates. I got home early because I got done early. I visited with my friend DC for a few minutes in the lobby before going to my apartment on the third floor—apartment 314. I could see her mom as she was leaving for the day. Mrs. C is a wonderful person who visits DC every day, and DC stays at her mom’s every weekend. After visiting DC, while heading to the elevator, another friend SR said hello to me, and we chatted for a few more minutes, and she helped me get to the third floor safely. I had been home shortly after 1 PM when I stopped talking with DC and went upstairs. Since eating dinner, I have been relaxing and watching Monk and the back-to-back movies from 2 PM through 10 PM. Tonight the back-to-back movie is Murder 101. 

I wanted to take the time to write because something has been on my mind since yesterday afternoon. I did not write about it at once because I could not find the right words. Today, the words have been found, and I will write about them before going to sleep for the night so I can sleep better. What I will be sharing is a form of a vent—a vent indeed. 


I love JO. It is all on her if she does not want to text or call. I posted after my friend JS and mentioned names, but not JO’s. It was not that she was not a part of the post; the post was about me and not her. I may not have mentioned her name, but I mentioned three friends and said ‘and more’ that does include friends that have not been mentioned openly. I saw JO’s comment and found it interesting when she said, ‘where’s me?’ I decided to remove JO’s comment because I was not going to start an argument with her. Since the post, I have not heard from JO at all. She has taken my post personally, and my friend JS did not mention her in the same post; I got the post from her page. I do not want to sound mean, but not hearing from her has been a relief from stress. I have talked to DC, JS, and my caregiver JP about it and let it go. JS keeps JO at a distance. I am going to do the same for now as well. I have friends and neighbors who will help when necessary. 

Good Night 

Up late, now, tired, I have to say time to close shop for the night. Good night. 

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