A Laid Back Sort of Day

Today, for a Friday, I must admit that there was a little reprieve from my stress from the beginning of the week. All three workers from My Choice Wisconsin were out sick with a virus and not working with me on Monday and Wednesday; JP came and got me going for the day when the others could not make it.

Now for today’s day, I must admit it was not horrible. The girl S came at 8 AM. I changed my underwear and had breakfast; she did what she had to do before leaving for the day. I have been watching The Grimm all day, playing games on my iPad, snuggling with Magic kitty, and ensuring my journal was updated.

I am looking forward to my last treatment of the week as well. I have no major plans, but I will be relaxing. JM is gone out of town this weekend, so JP has to be the one to get me into the building and safe in my apartment after dialysis. I am heading off for the night. Good night.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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