A Start of My Day

I do want to admit that I am looking forward to my weekend coming. I got to dialysis a few minutes ago and waiting for my turn at getting treatment. I have no plans this weekend except to relax, journal, watch TV, maybe get some reading in. I have not read in a while. I go in spurts these days now. It is still winter in Wisconsin and I have been hibernating a lot this season. With spring starting in a few days—officially, I am hoping to see less snow soon. We had a small snowstorm Thursday afternoon through to yesterday. We do have eight inches or so on the ground today.

As I sit here and wait for my turn, I am alone in the lobby. It is yet not my turn. Am I sad? No, because I am early anyway. Another patient has arrived. Now, I am just jabbering, so I better go for now. I do not have my iPad today. I am using my phone.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Yetzirah says:

    All’s well here, except for a lot of snow! I haven’t been down my lane for a week! Glad to hear things seem to be going pretty well for you. đź’—

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