No Title Needed Today

I remember being upset yesterday. The worker T from My ChoIce Wisconsin did not bring a mask to wear while at my place. She did this twice this week. It was annoying. She also stayed for only one hour and a half. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the girls should be staying for two to three hours. On dialysis days, they can leave after my ride to dialysis comes and goes. Today, S got me between the doors and the outdoor door was opened and it began to shut so she touched the door to reopen it, and the driver came and got me because she left when the driver came toward me. Oh my goodness my , what laziness. This company is, excuse my words, pissing me off big time. Please forgive me, Jesus.

When it comes to my being upset yesterday, I expressed my feelings to JP the best I could. She did not say anything to me about it, and she knew that I needed an alprazolam for my nerves because I was anxious all day. I ranted when JM was in the kitchen. I did not see JP right away. I think she understands that I was having a bad day, gave me alprazolam, and commented on the idea that T stayed for only one hour and thirty minutes. I texted JM and JR that information at 8:30 AM when T left. JM and JP must have communicated during the day. My anxiety was bad yesterday.


I am at dialysis and have an hour left to dialyze. Yay! No fluid today and my blood is being cleaned. Woohoo. 

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