I AM Thinking This?

My Thoughts Are Going Rampant 

The questions that are running rampant is “Is Jackie lying to me about something or is twisting things round and round?” or is she just trying to take advantage of me somehow? That is where my brain is going. I think no way, it cannot be true. No way. She mentioned the move again today making me mad at her. I do not want to move again. GC is my recent home and I do not want to move again. My friends are here. For five-month last year, I was in and out of the hospital and in two nursing homes that took me away from Magic Kitty and my home. I had gotten real sick/ill due to Covid, blood infection, and while at the hospital, I got potassium poisoning from eating breakfast potatoes at the hospital and had to be dialyzed for twelve hours. Apparently the hospital’s potatoes have more potassium than my body could handle. 

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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