Some People Are Downright Cruel!

Some People Are Downright Cruel

Life with some people is sometimes one of thosoe lives you want to live separate from others. Some people are yet, no matter where you go, are downright cruel. Today I have experienced a person’s cruelty earlier today. Some words were said directly to me that made me turn around and cry as I walked to my apartmen which was so many feet away from where we were standing. As I turned around, the unChristian attitude came out of me and I called this person a jerk as I walked away to my apartment. My feelings did not feel real good about that as a Christian I want to be a good example for others. What this person said was not nice of course and I was hurt but I was hurt becayse of me calling him a jerk.

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2 thoughts on “Some People Are Downright Cruel!”

  1. You are a very nice person. Quite frankly, you could have said a lot meaner, but didn’t. I don’t think you were too far from a good example. Sometimes, people should be told when they’re being a jerk. Too often, no one says anything to them, and they think they can keep being mean.

    I’m sorry that person hurt you, though.


  2. *~Kristie~*

    Hello again. Sorry about your big toenail, hope it gets better soon! Wel glad you get to go to something for your friends rememberance.

    Dont have much to say I’m sorry…running out of words,lol.


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