Not Very Talkative Tonight

Not Very Talkative Tonight

I do not know why I am not very talkative tonight because I did talk to a friend of mine a couple of hours ago and I was very talkative then. ??? Oh well, maybe I will be somewhat talkative enough tonight to write a few things down. LOL Anyway, I did have a fairly lazy day today after I did my laundry at 9 a.m. this morning. To be very honest, wanting to do the laundry was one of those spur of the moment things in my life. The laundry, however, needed to be done anyway and I had a good excuse to leave my place to go to the laundry room for an hour and a half. With the people in the building, we do have a laundry room but I would never leave my laundry alone while there could be a thief or two in here. I do not know everyone. After the laundry was done, I put everything away and laid down for a while watching whatever was on. Nothing much was on really. At noon I went down to the office and went to see if there was anything to help the manager with and I filed some work orders in folders for the manager, but I did have a fairly lazy day all day long. I got out of the apartment for while today even though i did not go outdoors. I had taken a bath about 5 p.m. and got a phone call while I was in the tub so I had to return the call. NOt very talkative tonight? I guess not! LOL

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