I am sitting here at school feeling nervous this morning. I iam not taking any tests today or any quizzes that I know at this time so that is not why I am nervous. I think I am feeling nervous because I had sent a letter in the mail to who I thought was a friend and now I am restricting her from coming to my apartment again and not harrassing me. I am wondering, however, if she is getting the letter today or tomorrow and that is what is probably making me so nervous today… I am not really in the laughing or smiling mood right at this moment in life. How horrible is that?! Anyway I am at school trying to get my mind off the situation. It is no longer my problem so if my so-called friend retaliates in any fashion, it is her problem, so WHY AM I SO NERVOUS!!! Oh well…it shall pass in time. I am here at school to have a good day and do my hardest in my classes and work hard. Otherwise I am having a good day. “holds Breath” 😮

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