I am still having this feeling of disconnection from the real world but not as bad, but I am still feeling a little odd and uncomfortable about it. The situation that I could not go into great detail yesterday is still being decided on what I should do about something is weighing heavily on my mind even more so since yesterday. I can go into a little more detail about it now but yet it is still being investigated in my mind and a solution has yet not been brought to my attention from God yet. In other words I am still praying about it and waiting for an answer but I can tell what is weighing heavily on my mind and heart now. You see, I have this friend who has been lying a lot more than she has in the past and now I do not believe anything and everything that comes out of her mouth now. She is also an adult who is in contact with a minor and she says that they love each other! She is twenty-three and he is sixteen and I know for a fact that she can get in big trouble with the law because she would be breaking the law if she and this sixteen year old get int a very serious relationship before he turns eighteen. I do know that for a fact that if my friend, because I love and care for her deeply, breaks the law I will call the authorities and have the authorities go from there and if she blames me for anything, I know the truth and I did the right thing. If I ever broke the law myself I would expect those who care deeply about me to call the right people and get me the help I need. I am really concerned for my friend because she is already on probation for obstructing an officer and if she breaks the law today or even after her probation is lifted she could go to jail for violation of probation and she could then be back in the court system, in jail, and/or back on probation all over again. Here I am, a Christian woman who will no longer take excuses for my friend anymore as I do believe if a person is breaking the law, I expect any person to pay the consequences. My friend and her lying, too, has gotten worse in the past few weeks that I have cried many nights myself to sleep. I am practically afraid of the outcome of our relationship in the next several weeks going south all over again in a drawn out fight like last year. My friend is NOT thinking right and I am sitting here really concerned for her because she is a friend. I CAN NOT open my mouth to my friend either because she cops an attitude about practically everything now than she did before and tells me that I am coping the attitude when in reality she is and I am defending myself! This friend of mine NEEDS to grow up or she is out of a very good friendship for good!

Also, today, two friends and myself are at the library, and before the library we went out to eat at a place called Red Robin.

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