Time is Going By Fast

What can I really say except the fact that time is going by fast these days. Ever since I have been back from my vacation in PA, time has had no speed except for fast lately. I do not know what to think sometimes, but I guess that’s ok, right? Right. Anyway, today has been a fairly good day even though I am stuck at home right now due to weather conditions outdoors being icy and snow on the ground. I was planning on going Christmas shopping with IDS this morning and out to lunch, but I had gotten a call @ 7:15 a.m. saying that the plans were canceled due to weather conditions so I stayed in bed for a while and slept a little longer — too long as a matter of fact, lol. I am okay though. Time is going by very fast these days. I wish it would slow down somewhat but not slow down to the point that it would feel like it stopped or something like that. I want to be of this world and no other world, ok?

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