Now I Am Really Frustrated

I definitely have a problem now — a problem that I thought was taken care of a long time ago. A certain someone does not get the message that I do not want to talk to her. No, not my neighbor JS, but someone who I just do not always get along with. She has been told when she got my new telephone numbers that she was not to call my cell phone unless it is was an emergency, but she does. She calls my cell phone and if she does not get an answer there, she tries calling my home phone. What part of “do not call my cell phone unless it is an emergency” does she not understand. Also, there are reasons why I do not answer the phone when she calls and she continues to call me day in and day out and her trying to get a hold of me is driving me crazy. Why do some people do not get the message I do not want to talk to them if I do not answer their phone calls practically every time they call. It is just getting to the point of nonsense and I wish this one person will leave me alone. I get telemarketers calling me several times a week and so by the time this person calls me I am at my wits end. Also, this same person calls me at the wrong time every time she calls and I just do not feel comfortable telling this person my life problems when she has her own problems to contend with everyday. I have told this person not to call me for a while but she has called me everyday for the past four days twice — once on my phone phone and once on my cell phone. The other day, leaving a message on my machine, she was not very pleasant so I decided not to call her back and if someone has an attitude problem, I am not going to be a part of it. I have told this person many times as well that I have been super duper busy lately and my life does not involve her anymore.

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