Before It Gets Any Later … One More Entry

A Quick Thought … I Hope, LOL

It has been a very good day all day long. Because the company that helps me with my showers was canceled for yesterday and closed, KH was able to came today – this morning at 8 am – or i would have been totally stuck with the help of having a shower another – 3rd day in a row feeling unclean, with oily, greasy, unclean body – that is something I do not really want. I was glad to have a shower this morning. It is no longer really safe to have a shower by myself anymore due to balance issues and my chances of falling and breaking a bone. I have only broken one bone in my body when I was in my early 20s and my intent on breaking a hip, a leg, or an arm because I have fallen wrong, is not going to happen as long as I can manage. Why am I telling this? Who cares? LOL … I will share what I want and this is okay.

Good Night & God Bless

It is dark outside now and I am going to be very tired tomorrow if I do not get to bed soon. I am going to say good night and God bless and come back tomorrow sometime in the afternoon before it gets late. I have a busy tomorrow. KH will be here between 930 – 10 am in the morning to help with my Friday shower – back on schedule tomorrow after this week’s blizzard and snowstorm Tuesday through the night into Wednesday morning. Yay! J will be here tomorrow at 1130 or so in the morning to take me grocery shopping and help prepare meals for the week. We we are going to be making split pea soup and meatloaf tomorrow. Yum!

Good night and God bless! Please have a great night!!

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  1. I have had trouble with Farm town and farmville running slow lately, yes. I do wonder if it is because of the fact that many others are on at the same time – it is frustrating and I sometimes have crops that need to be taken care of within two to four hours.

    Meatloaf is one of my favorites as well. Yum!!!

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