Very Early Morning

I have been up since a few minutes before 4 am. It is not that I could not get back to sleep or anything because by 6 am I was able to get a few minutes of shut eye this morning. No Melatonin was taken or Tamazepam either as I slept on my own accord just fine. The pain I experienced yesterday – subsiding some today – had tuckered my entire body out – sleep was not that hard to find really even with the pain so bad for the 1st time since September 2008. Today I have my shower at 8 am and yes I have called KH’s work and inquired about her coming at 8 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and this week begins the new scheduled time. No more late showers… Yay!!!! I am not doing much of anything today except beginning to read another Brenda IK beli Walsh book that is titled “Passionate Prayer”. I finally finished the “Battered To Bless book by the same author Brenda Walsh, and now CSE is going to be reading it. I have my reservations about CSE having the book that was loaned to her by our surrogate NMS but my feelings are probably wrong … hope they are wrong anyway … have had reservations about CSE for a very long time now actually and I CANNOT shake those reservations off easily right now. With her reaction about Christianity and God on May 30th still fresh and on my mind to this very day, my feelings about her belief in God is still strong in believing she no longer believes in God anymore. I believe she is duly influenced by the wrong people. She does not go to church with NMS and I on Saturdays or with me on Sundays when I do go. A nonbeliever would not go to church and I feel she has become a nonbeliever. Her world has a lot of issues that need to be worked on.

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